Dream come true – Britney Spears Concert

It’s Britney Bitch

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Hello everyone,

In the last post I promised to write a review about the Britney Spears Concert. If you happened to be in Las Vegas this the show you must go to if you like her music. She is amazing on stage! If you’re a huge Britney Spears fan or not, you’ll definitely enjoy her show. She performs a good show for a little under two hours with all of her noted hits going back to the early 2000s. She “sings” all of the hits. Now, let’s get to the truth. We all know she doesn’t sing live, but who cares. o (3)Instead, she’s flying through the air in one number and jumping from a gigantic tree in another! 33 and she’s still got it. You’ll reminisce when you hear all of her late ’90s hits – ‘Baby One More Time’ and ‘Oops.’ Don’t even get me started on her performance of ‘Lucky’! She also performs her new song with Iggy. Her whole concert was amazing. Her wardrobe, choreography, and dancers were all on point. The most important thing is an awesome show and that’s what she delivered. And for me as a fan of her, it was amazing to see her live. She still has the moves. Before the show you can take pictures with her wardrobe from previous music videos. You can see her costume from the music video for “Oops I did it again,” “Circus” and “Toxic.” Also if you are 21 y.o. you can get a drink and you can bring it with you to the concert hall. I highly recommend the show! This show is voted to be the best in Las Vegas and Britney renewed her contract again for 2016! 3rd year in Vegas ! Overall, a must do if you’re Britney obsessed like I am or if you’re just a person who likes to be entertained (by the greatest singer of all time!!!)

Britney Spears – Piece Of Me: Live from Las Vegas

your Blondie,


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