Vegas Baby … The Stratosphere


Hello Everyone,

When you happened to visit Las Vegas you should definitely visit Air Bar in the Stratosphere. The lounge and restaurant is on the 107th floor ! 4875729536_c83112e957The lounge and restaurant
is overlooking the Vegas strip. Have you ever had a drink this high? If not you should definitely try it 😉 .The views are awesome. You can see the strip, take in some of the views and enjoy a cocktail, or beer. It was pretty quiet when we were there and there was more than enough space to move around. The drinks and appetizers are really good; also there is  happy hour from 7pm until 10 pm. It is a place to go for a drink at least once when you visit Las Vegas.

Also in the Stratosphere if you are looking for some real thrill, you should try the Big Shot or Free Fall at least once on a trip to Vegas. oIn Big Shot you are literally catapulted at lightning speed upward! Free Fall is a jump on a line from the Stratosphere’s 120th floor, and it is the thrill of Vegas; a must-do for those who want to feel and see the Vegas experience. The price for a three-ride package is $33 per person. These are the things you must do then you visit Las Vegas .




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