Amorino Gelato – Los Angeles

Favorite Ice Cream place

“Home is where the heart is” -some people say
But I say “Home is where the dessert is”… SoCal is home of the most amazing dessert, and don’t you dare try to deny that.

I tried so many ice cream places in Los Angeles are and I have to say that this is the best one! I am obsessed with its ice cream. I must have it at least once a week.o (15)
Amorino Gelato esteems itself in great quality gelato that looks as great as it tastes. They make their cones of gelato look like ROSES . They also have a wide variety of choices available for the fruit lovers, the chocolate lovers, the nut lovers and the basic original flavor lovers.

I tried almost all the  flavors, and ALL were very good. I think you can basically choose whatever you usually like and you will be quite satisfied. My favorite flavor is Nutella which is called L’Inimitabile . I am truly obsessed with this one. Love love love. I have to say that is the best ice cream I have ever tried.
Amorino Gelato also sells macaroons, handmade pastries, milk shakes, waffles, coffee, etc. This place it is definitely worth a try !

o (16)

o (9).jpg



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