Bottega Louie – Los Angeles


Today I would like to recommend the restaurant/cafe that I visited recently. The place is Bottega Louie and it is located in Downtown Los Angeles. It is full restaurant with French, Italian and American cuisines.  In the front of the restaurant there is bar and cafe you can visit for a drink or coffee/dessert.FullSizeRender The place is very European in style. It’s full of life with a unique atmosphere with tall ceilings and a lot of action going on inside. This will definitely be a busy place at all times with people all over buying goods to go, eating, leaving, and entering. It has a chic, white look and marble flooring throughout.

The food is amazing there. You will find a very nice combination of different flavors. You can find Italian foods such as thin crust pizza, pasta and lasagna but also French cuisine. The restaurant has 4 different menus, depending on what time in the day you visit. It has a breakfast menu, brunch menu, and lunch and dinner menus. Also, it has an amazing dessert menu. All desserts there are to die for, so delicious. Here I had the best creme brulée in my life (and trust me I ate so many creme brulée desserts all over the world).

oAlso another must-have in the restaurant is of course macaroons. It has so many flavors: VANILLA, STRAWBERRY, EARL GREY, COCONUT, ROSE, CHOCOLATE MINT, PISTACHIO, RASPBERRY, ESPRESSO, SALTED CARAMEL, MANGO, GRAND CRU, VIOLET CASSIS and  LEMON!

The flavors I chose were coconut, pistachio, salted caramel, and espresso. All were yummy but my favorite was the salted caramel.

I highly recommend this place to try if you are visiting Los Angeles or if you live here but have never been in this place. It is definitely worth to try 😉

Click here for the restaurant website with menu and prices Bottega Louie

Address:   700 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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