Behind-the-scenes Oscars preparations



I always get questions from my friends about how Oscars night/Oscar’s preparations look in Los Angeles, and this is  why I decided to write about it.  The Academy Awards are known as Oscars, which are the gold statues each winner receives. The Oscars are the film industry’s biggest night and to prepare for this big night it takes around 2 weeks before the big day. The Academy Awards event is located in Hollywood inside Dolby Theatre.FullSizeRender (8) The theatre is on Hollywood Blvd but red carpet is from the Hollywood and Highland intersection to be exact. The Hollywood Blvd exit where the Dolby Theater  is located is closed for 2 weeks before the Oscars. For these 2 weeks the construction and event planing groups are preparing Oscars. It is a complete transformation of the street. The street looks so different than when I went for the first time to the location of Oscars on a regular day. I couldn’t believe that the Oscars are here. Hollywood Blvd at any other time looks very ordinary, but when you see the same street when it is prepared for the Oscars it looks very glamorous – Hollywood Style 😉 The event crew is setting up Oscar statues, and a special wall for pictures and of course red carpet. It is very cool to see the street when is prepared for the Oscars, 0and yes everybody can see it and take pictures. Also during “Big Day” you can also see the Oscars. I mean red carper and celebrities.  You can see these things but you will be on the other side of a fence on Hollywood Blvd. But you will have to come extra early to get a good spot to see everything. Also if you want to see celebrities you can spot them at the after party. But in Los Angeles, there are  two big Oscar after parties.  The main one is “Vanity Fair” which is located in Beverly Hills in the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and another Oscar after party is in West Hollywood hosted by Elton John in the Pacific Design Center. I am so lucky that I live in the middle of both locations. So after the Oscars I went for a walk to see the whole Hollywood Glam 😉 And YES we saw Hollywood celebrities . So if you want to visit Los Angeles during Oscars and you wonder if you can see the behind the scenes you can definitely see it all.


FullSizeRender (12)

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