Surprise Birthday Party


Hello everyone,

Today it’s been exactly two months since the day when my family and friends threw me a surprise birthday party (December 16th ) and I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing family and friends. I didn’t have chance yet to say a BIG THANK YOU  to them for throwing me a surprise Birthday Bash when I came to Poland last Christmas !

I didn’t expect it and you surprised me with a B’Day party once again! fullsizerender-59Thank you so much for thinking of me, putting work into organizing the party and surprising me (and I still don’t know how you tricked me again to “only” meet for “tea”  ;))

Thank you for your love and friendship after all of these years.

I want to thank you for tolerating my idiosyncrasies and crazy habits (and yes, my love of taking pictures ;). You might not know this, but you are my happiness and you helped me to be the person that I truly am.

I don’t have any wishes in life. As long as I have friends like you, I’ve got it all.

img_0416Thank you , thank you, thank you! I can not express how grateful I am to have such a fantastic friends and of course family who is always so amazing and loving. I miss you so much! You all are always in my heart and I am counting down the days to come to see you all again. (whenever I am back in the US I can’t wait to come back and all the time I spend in Poland is never enough !) It is so hard not be able to see you all for a year, which is breaking my heart but thank god we have Skype, and facetime. It is not the same as in person but we can still see each other 😉 I am really grateful for you and that our friendship didn’t weaken through distance and time. I wish to be with you, but maybe someday I will move back (that’s my wish)
“True friends never apart maybe in distance but never in heart”
I am so blessed and lucky to have you all !
Love you and miss you all so much !
Nina    xoxofullsizerender-57









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