Expecting Our Greatest Adventure…

Hello Everyone!

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We are expecting a BABY ! We hit the 6 month mark, which is week 23 of pregnancy. So far my pregnancy has been easy and good. Luckily I didn’t experience any morning sickness or lower energy. I am still feeling myself from the very beginning. We found out about my pregnancy a few days before my trip to Poland for my cousin’s wedding.  The flight to Poland is pretty long (almost 15 hours), so our doctor recommended me walking and drinking a lots of water during the flight. I did what he said and I felt good. I also visited Israel during that trip for almost a week. I went with my bestie Kasia for sight-seeing. Even with all the walking and heat, I felt great! I was pretty nervous for those trips, how I will feel, etc.; all the reservations for those trips were made before I knew I was pregnant. But luckily I was feeling normal and I had enough energy to do everything I had planned months in advance. I’m feeling good because before and during my pregnancy I was very active. When I was in Poland it was hard to hide my pregnancy because you could see my belly very early (2.5 months) We didn’t wanted to share the news with anyone before the 3rd month (that’s what doctors recommend).  After the first trimester we felt comfortable enough to share the news with family and friends

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I am receiving a lots of messages about gender of the baby so… we don’t know yet (but our doctor knows).  On the day she found out about my pregnancy, my good friend Urusla insisted on hosting a party to celebrate, so we agreed on a gender reveal party. Why not do it since is our first baby and we are so excited and we wanted to make every moment special for him or her? Later on we can show our baby the  pictures about how we found out about him or her, and how we celebrated that day with family and friends. Personally, me and Ravi have no idea about the gender… we suspect a boy because the baby has been super active from the very beginning (kicking at 17 weeks) and because my pregnancy is easy so far. What do you guys think? Will it be a boy or girl? We will find out this Sunday on September 9th. I can’t wait to find out especially since we have been waiting for it for 6 months!


F899826B-5D30-48CC-862A-17A3789E5160Now about the down side of my pregnancy… I have terrible lower back pain. My whole pregnancy weight goes to my belly which is heavy on the back. I can’t sleep at night because of my back and I have insomnia sometimes. And yes, I tried pregnancy sleeping pillows (a few of them), and they made my back hurt even more. I started to go for special pregnancy massages and I have to tell you, it is helping. My massage therapist is specialized in pregnant women and fertility. She is using Chinese cupping (and yes they leave marks for a few days) and also acupuncture. I would like to recommend acupuncture to anyone who has problems with the back; it really works and it is not painful at all. The needles are super thin, and it just looks scary, but it can help you relieve pain.

We are really excited for this Sunday to find out finally what is the gender of our little miracle.

That’s all for now, I hope you all enjoyed this very first pregnancy post. Stay tuned for more to come 😉

Below you can see pictures with some ideas how you can announce pregnancy 😉

xoxo ,


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